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Hong Kong Institute of Steel Construction (HKISC) was established in November 2000. It is a non-profit making organization with its board members from universities, consultants, contractors laboratories, etc. in Hong Kong. HKISC serves the steel construction industry in Hong Kong and the region and carries the following specific missions.


Channeling of technology transfer between academics and the steel construction industry for improved quality in design, analysis and construction;
    b. Making university research more practical and useful for practitioners;
    c. Informing and sharing of new technology worldwide among members ;
    d. Organizing seminars for local and overseas experts for dissemination of their technological know-how ;
    e. Developing and fostering friendship among members for exchange of opinions on complex problems ;
    f. Organizing international conferences on steel structures in order to allow sharing of expertise
between local and overseas researchers and engineers; and
    g. Publication of quarterly bulletin for news and new technology developed by local or overseas universities.
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